Paula’s discusses HLGI in depth with HealthCare Journey™ CEO Christine Granfield

La Jollan’s multiple sclerosis therapy wins UCSD notice

La Jolla Light, San Diego Union-Tribune — By James Palen, Dec. 2, 2015

La Jolla resident Paula Marie Jackson’s own diagnosis of multiple sclerosis in 1999 has in the last 16 years led to her development of a novel therapy for treating symptoms of the disease — a therapy that has already undergone a pilot study at UC San Diego and is being considered for further study following ‘promising’ preliminary results.

What began 16 years ago for La Jolla resident Paula Marie Jackson as an experiment in self-healing is now being considered for further study as a treatment of the debilitating symptoms of multiple sclerosis.


Jackson, a certified hypnotherapist who in 1999 — at the time of her own multiple sclerosis diagnosis — worked full time as a senior sales executive with a medical device company, has for the last 14 years dedicated much of her time helping others with the disease. Coined Healing Light Guided Imagery, or HLGI, her novel approach to therapy is now in the closing stages of its initial scientific study, conducted by UCSD researchers during the last four years. Preliminary results from the pilot study indicate the therapy has promise, and could be a key to helping MS patients suffer less as their disease progresses, if not slowing down the progression of the disease itself.

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